BeWork is a platform that drives factory performance through better problem solving and more efficient workforce at the plant floor.

SHORTER downtime

Reduce downtime by up to 40% thanks to the lightning fast flow of information.

LESS costs

Reduce costs thanks to effective problem-solving management.


Prevent problems from coming back thanks to our intelligent database.

Engadged CREW

Involve your crew thanks to simple and engaging mobile application.

EIT Support
faster Growth

We have partnered with European Institute of Innovation and Technology to get access to resources and business network that drives our growth even faster. 

Simple USER Interface

Trivial user interface lets non native users easily repot problems. Tested on 60+ and less than years old users.

Less Loss

We reduce waste of human resources and make better use of employees' potential

Comfort and Efficiency

Improves the comfort and efficiency of employees because we eliminate the time needed for walking, waiting or communication problems


Solution suggestions

Based on our intelligent database system shows solution suggestions and connects with the people the most competent for the issue

Easy escalation

Simple person assignment process offers easy escalation functionality in case of rejection

Intelligent Database

Thanks to the use of AI / NLP techniques, the knowledge base and historical data are always organized and easily accessible to everyone

Active Installs

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts. Our experience in the areas of production, IT, and artificial intelligence allows us to build BEWORK according to the highest standards.

Kosma Osiecki

plant expert

Kosma has a practical expertise in both production management and lean manufacturing, which he gained while working for a word-leading FMCG company. He has a strong track record in successful manufacturing/plants optimization; transforming 30+ factories in Europe and US. He was not only involved in different plant optimization programs but also worked as factory/plant leader, hence has a broad view on operational processes, their importance and impact for manufacturing companies. Bework is a result of his  experience and a lack of simple and digital solutions on the market that is addressing efficient problem solving and communication at the shop floor. Bework is also enriched with strong feedback from other manufacturing leaders from his network. Kosma has an experience in running the company as a co-owner.

Janusz Stanuch

software developer

His entire career is linked with the IT industry. He has a broad experience in both technical and business aspects of IT. Throughout his career, he has played different roles in the IT world which includes  software developer, team leader, scrum master, product owner, and finally CTO. Working with top class clients allowed him to gain an international exposure, strong managerial experience and above all, good understanding of business acumen. A fan of agile methodology. Owing to his university background (Faculty of Management, AGH) he has a good overview  and knowledge in the field of production systems. Janusz worked with Kosma in one startup.

Maria Janicka

AI / NLP expert

A specialist in the field of artificial intelligence. Responsible for creating machine learning algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), development of prevention and anomaly detection algorithms.
Maria is a laureate of international competitions in the field of natural language processing and a co-author of many scientific publications.

Olech Kaczanowski

software developer

He is a programmer with many years of experience, operating mainly in the area of corporate projects in such industries as aviation and finance, where special emphasis is placed on safety and efficiency of created solutions. Olech, due to extensive experience in working in agile methodologies, fits perfectly with our team.

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